Since nearly everyone, either selling their home, or considering, buying a house, benefits, from being represented by, a QUALITY, real estate agent, doesn’t it make sense, to take the time, and make the effort, to carefully choose, the best individual, to represent your specific needs, and requirements? This representation must never be, a, one – size – fits – all, approach, but, rather, based on a close relationship, and understanding, between agent, and client. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly examine, consider, discuss, and review, using the mnemonic approach, what this means, and represents, and why, it might make a significant difference, for the best interests, of the potential buyer, and/ or seller.

1. Quest; questions: The first step, should be, to clearly consider, one’s quest, and what he wishes, to achieves, in terms of results, process, etc. When interviewing agents, to discover, who might be best, for you, take the time, and make the effort, to ask all relevant questions, which you deem, more important.

2. Useful; usable; urgent: How urgent, might be, your desire, to, either buy, or sell, a home? You need, an agent, who provides, usable ideas, which focus, on useful ways, to achieve your objectives, etc!

3. Attitude; aptitude; attention: Avoid anyone who fails to convince you, of their consistent, positive, can – do, attitude, because the process of buying, and/ or selling a home, is often challenging, with ups, and downs, and you need someone, who will calmly guide and direct you! When this is combined with a well – developed, skill – set, and aptitude, and your agent, clearly, pays keen attention, to your best interests, the results, generally, are enhanced and improved!

4. Listen; learn; leadership: When you interview potential agents, pay attention, and choose someone, who is willing to effectively listen, and learn, from every conversation and experience. Opt for an individual, who might possess the level of leadership, you deserve!

5. Integrity; ideas; imagination: You must believe in, and trust, your real estate agent, and your representative, must clearly demonstrate a level of absolute integrity! The best service demands someone, with a true imagination, to see the options, and introduce the best ideas, for your needs, and interests!

6. Trends; timely: Great representation requires identifying, understanding, and taking advantage of the best current trends, to market your property, to the best degree! Your agent must take timely, well – considered, action, to maximize your results!

7. Yes; you/ your: Your agent must put you, and your needs, ahead of theirs! Be certain to hire, who says, yes, to the possibilities!

If you want the best possible results, hire a QUALITY real estate agent! Don’t you deserve the very best?