In the vast number of instances, real estate agents, use conducting an Open House, as one of their marketing tools, to serve their homeowner – clients. However, if you have attended several of these, conducted by different agents, you probably realize, there is often, a significant difference, in the quality, effectiveness, and impact, dependent on a number of factors. As a Real Estate Licensed Salesperson, in the State of New York, as well as the owner of, both, personal residential property, and rental properties, I strongly believe, one needs to be represented by an agent, who uses these, in the most effective manner. With that in mind,I have created and determined, a positive approach, to performing these effectively, which I call the WALESAR technique. With that in mind, this article will briefly examine, consider, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, why this makes sense, etc.

1. Welcome/ greet: One only gets one opportunity/ chance, to make a first impression! Agents must focus on this concept, by focusing on how they welcome attendees to their Open House, and whether, they greet them, in a positive, welcoming, productive manner. Agents should rehearse this, and play – act/ role – play, in order to make as positive an impression, as possible!

2. Ask: For many reasons, including more effective marketing, and sales, it’s wise to ask people, who attend, how they heard about it, and what they are looking for, and their anticipated, time schedule. In addition, ask them to sign in, and provide name, phone number, and email contact information.

3. Listen: Avoid the temptation to speak, before you listen, because, most people, prefer the sound, of their own voice, more than any other, and when one listens, and makes an effort to learn, and understand, he becomes perceived, as being empathetic, and caring.

4. Empathize: Never pretend, you care, but, proceed, to truly care about those, who attend, and see, if there might be some way, you might provide the level of service, and understanding, they seek, and deserve! Genuine empathy, is, often, the greatest attractive force!

5. Show: Once you understand what someone seeks, show the house effectively, and focus on their individual needs, and priorities. Discuss the benefits and possibilities, and never rush anyone, nor ignore them. The best approach is to accompany “lookers,” rather than merely, pointing!

6. Ask/ answer/ address: Listen to what’s asked, answer thoroughly, and completely, and address concerns, to their (not merely, your) satisfaction!

7. Resolve; resolutions; relevant: Resolve, and determine, whether the “lookers,” are merely, shoppers, or true, potential, motivated buyers. Take the time, to develop the finest resolutions, for each attendee. If an agent provides relevant information, others become attracted to him, and are more likely to, either make an offer, for this house, or hire him, to represent them, in finding the home, of their dreams, and means!

The basis, WALESAR technique, should be the starting point, in hosting more effective, well – received, Open Houses. Always consider, why should someone hire you, to be their real estate agent?