In this post we will give all the information you need to know about inflatable buildings. So, it will be easier for you to decide if you want to buy one, as well as to choose the right design. The first thing to know about inflatable buildings is that there are different types of buildings. They have different forms. Four types exist.

The first type of inflatable buildings is the dome. They offer a wide floor space. From all of the types of inflatable buildings, they are probably the ones with the wider floor space compared to the size of the structure. The second type is the cube. They have the advantage to make easier the adaptation of flooring or other equipment. They can also be customized with different openings depending on the use you want to make of your inflatable building. The third type is the shelter. This type of building is close to a tent, but it is way bigger. Therefore, it is more comfortable than a tent and it definitely protects you from the outside weather, the insects or anything else that can normally bother you when you use a tent. The fourth type of inflatable buildings is the arch. The arch is mostly used during sport events to show the start or/and the arrival of a race. It can also be used for other types of events such as weddings or a Christmas party. The big advantage of the arch is that they can be customized to almost anything you want.

The other important thing to know about inflatable buildings is what they can be used for. Usually inflatable buildings are purchased or rent to be used during events. Domes are definitely a very good option if you are planning a party. Receptions such as weddings will be a good fit in a dome inflatable building. They can be customized. Also, they come in different sizes that will allow you to choose the inflatable dome the closest to your need. The form of the dome will make you feel comfortable and cozy which is ideal to host a party. The cubes are better if you hold a business event. Therefore, it is good to adapt floors and other equipments as well. It is easy to move around so it can be used for different events during the year. Also, as they can have different doors, it is perfect to use during winters and summers. And more importantly, it respects the safety rules when you host a business event with a lot of audience.

The shelters can be used both for personal use and professional one. It is for example the best item to use if you are in the army and planning some survival camps for your troops. But it is also a perfect item to use if you want to go camping with all your family, but find a normal tent not comfortable enough. Finally, the shelters can be used as first aid tents, decontamination tent for instance, in case of emergency events such as earthquakes, pandemic and the similar.