Typically, a man and van move stuff from one location to another. This could be as part of assisting you with relocating, or it could assist you with disposing of trash at a waste disposal facility. A man with a van will frequently assist you in transporting objects from your property to the van before driving them to your desired location.

What is a Man and Van?

Let’s focus on the differences between a man with a van and a professional removal business before delving into the specifics of how much each of these services will cost.

A man and a vehicle, or a guy with a van, is ideal for modest or short-distance house relocation. Furniture such as wood-burning stoves, fancy mirrors, fridge-washing machines, and other appliances can be transported from your old home with the help of an individual with their transit van compared to standard moving services that require large trucks or Luton vans. For this reason, it appears to be less expensive.

A man and a van are also suitable and fairly priced for student removals, small office removals, moving stuff, self-storage move-ins, and one-item transportation. When it comes to last-minute booking, man and van services are far more flexible than removal corporations, which require weeks of advance notice. Our recommended van and man Manchester moving firms can offer you an idea of pricing and booking procedures.

How much does an hourly rate for a van and man cost?

You may spend as little as £35 per hour for a man with a transit van, whereas a man with a Luton Lorry would cost more like £93 per hour. If you need to transport heavy products or many items, you might want to rent a van with two, three, or even four workers. You’re looking at an hourly rate of £94 for three workers with a van.

What’s the difference between a removal van and man and van?

An individual with a vehicle may often take on removal projects for less money and less notice than larger removal businesses. This is because most man and van services are comprised of only one or two employees and a single van that serves their immediate area. On the other hand, removal businesses frequently use entire fleets of vans and vehicles that operate across the country.


You may, providing you have a driver’s license and don’t require a lot of assistance, hire a van and do the entire job independently. While it may appear to be a good option, you’ll have to pick up the vehicle and deliver it after you’re done. To rent a car in London, you must fill out a lengthy application, pay a high deposit in case of unintentional damage, and then drive out in unfamiliar city traffic and hope for the best.

In addition, moving on your own, or even with the assistance of friends that show up, will take much longer than having a professional Mover or Movers assist you. A van rental alone may cost more than hiring a Mover due to the scale of the move. Thus there are no savings to be had.

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