The idea of Shared Accommodations may draw frowns and shrugs from reserved, introvert minds, but only at the risk of missing some hefty perks. Yes, the air of skepticism is natural, given you will share residence with different individuals, compromising a bit of privacy, may be picking up an odd verbal tussle, or who knows ending up sharing your sugar one evening. But, the picture turns upside down if the occupant in the next room is a familiar, friendly face, may be your mate or someone from your social circle, who you wouldn’t mind knocking the doors even at some odd hour. Besides, the number of ways this symbiotic existence may benefit you will definitely mold your conventional mindset if at all, it stands in the way. Here’s a quick rundown outlining the benefits of a Shared Accommodation. Have a look, and you will be the better judge for yourself.

Share Home, Cut The Overheads

Sharing accommodation means the division of maintenance costs. You can cut off your overheads and swell up your savings, a luxury that doesn’t come with single-occupancy apartments. If you choose to live, all on your own, you might end up paying fat bills, eventually staring at an empty savings account by the 30th of every month. On the other hand, you will be able to save a significant sum if you share your accommodation. Yes, being able to cut the rental cost is fantastic. Therefore, “Share and Save” is the trend catching up.

Share Accommodation, Share Duties

While you opt for sharing facilities, the duties will be shared too. After a toiling day at the office, getting stuck into the household chores not only drains you out but also leaves no space for leisure activities. The sharing facility will let you divide your tasks such as dishwashing, mopping, getting groceries and the likes. Who wouldn’t love that!

Socialize at Home

Don’t worry if you are new in the town and don’t know a lot of people. The Shared Apartments come with a readymade solution to that. The roommates, their friends, and their friends’ friends and, so on, the circle just doesn’t end. You will get to know many new faces and get along with them. The more you interact, the more you share and the more you socialize, you learn the life from different perspectives. Can all this be achieved locked in one room? You ask and you answer.

Not a Burden, But Collective Guardianship

This may be case-specific but it holds true value for those young boys and girls, who have just stepped out to a new, distant city, leaving behind their cozy bedrooms, and more than that, their protective parents. Away from hearth and home, such youths find solace, support and strength from the collective guardianship derived from one another. The emotional side of sharing is often overlooked, but it’s this affectionate cohesion that makes one feel at home, even away from family.

A Solution to Security Woes

Sharing your accommodation with friends, beefs up the sense of security. You might feel nervous or maybe you do not want to live alone, so this would be a great option. Even when you are away, your house is under the vigilant eye of your roommates. The house wouldn’t be left unoccupied, so you can relax when out on a business trip or on a tour.

Hopefully, the few words here may have induced a positive shift in your negative perception about Shared Accommodation. If that be the case, the next time you face a situation where sharing your residence is an option, go ahead without an iota of hesitation.