Some houses might be helped, by professionally staging it, while others might not need this special type of assistance! Hopefully, when a homeowner, hires his listing agent, he chose someone, who will objectively, analyze, the specific home, including its strengths and weaknesses, as well as the market conditions, niche, pros and cons, and whether it is worth the time, effort, and costs associated, with doing so. As a Real Estate Licensed Salesperson, in the State of New York, for over a decade, I have had the opportunity to witness, the usefulness of staging, while, at the same time, represented homeowners, where staging was not indicated. This article will, briefly, examine 5 scenarios, where staging a home, are indicated and helpful.

1. Too cluttered: A potential buyer’s first impression, goes a long way, towards, whether someone develops a desire to more seriously consider, a particular property, or not! While many homeowners enjoy their clutter, it is important to realize, one person’s treasures, may be someone else’s junk and/ or distractions/ turn – off! There are times when an agent finds it challenging to explain this, satisfactorily, to a client, bringing in a staging professional, may benefit the homeowner, by explaining the truth/ facts!

2. No furniture: It is important to realize, many potential buyers, lack enough vision, and/ or imagination, to see the possibilities, which exist, in a particular house. While you may think, unfurnished houses, may seem to have larger rooms, the opposite is often the truth, because, many homebuyers need to see a room furnished, to get a feel, for the size of the room, and whether it will fit their needs.

3. Unappealing: Sometimes, potentially great houses don’t sell, simply because they lack a certain amount of appeal. This may be the way a home is furnished, painted, etc, and, when that’s the case, staging may make a significant difference!

4. Lacks pizzazz: Pizzazz is often a difficult to describe, intangible, which, nevertheless, creates and develops, an emotional attachment, which draws the right buyer, to a particular house. Professional stagers, often, have the ability and foresight/ vision, to transform a room, and/ or a house, from plain, to extraordinary!

5. Odd room or house (shapes, places, etc): Not everyone wants to live in a cookie – cutter home! How someone might make the particular shapes and places, etc, work, and show the house, to its greatest appeal, might transform a potential negative, to a positive!

Combining a quality agent, with knowing when staging a home, might be helpful, is an invaluable combination, for a homeowner! Know when it’s time to stage, and when it might not be necessary.