When a homeowner, decides, it’s time, to sell his home, many decisions must be considered, in a wise, focused way, to achieve the best possible objectives! In some cases, it is smartest to, sell it, as – is, while at other times, the smartest approach, is to determine, what, if any, alterations, modifications, repairs, renovations, and touch – ups, are warranted, and cost – effective. In other words, where might you get, the most bang – for – the – buck, where the Return on Investment, or R.O.I., makes fiscal/ financial/ economic sense? With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 areas, which might make sense, under certain conditions.

1. Touch – up painting: A homeowner, only, gets one chance, to make a first impression, at that, often, has a major impact, in whether a qualified, potential buyer, will become motivated to purchase that house! Eliminate distractions, inside and outside, and, touch – up, the paint, in order to help the house, make the best possible impression. This, often, can be done, for relatively small costs, either by oneself, or hiring a painter, and the return, in terms of attracting more and better buyers, may be significant. The more people, who take a longer – look, instead of being turned – off, by a cosmetic blemish, etc, the greater the demand for the property!

2. Curb appeal (outside): When a potential buyer, drives up to the house, for the first time, what is his first observation? Is it positive, negative, or neutral? It’s important to ensure, the curb appeal, is never, a negative one! Take a look at the door. Is it clean, neat, and attractive? Might a coat of paint, in a color, which might attract others, beneficial? Clean all windows, screens, etc. How about the grounds, especially those readily obvious, and apparent, immediately? Are shrubs clipped and trimmed, neatly? How does the lawn look? Have you planted some colorful flowers, to create a warmer, more welcoming impression, etc?

3. Floors: Hardwood floors should be treated, by stripping them, and resurfacing them, in a neat, clean, attractive manner. One of the first things, buyers see, is the condition of your floors. Tiles should be clean, and waxed, if needed. Carpets should be examined, and cleaned.

4. Evaluate ROI: Avoid expensive renovations, because, the kitchen, you consider, a showcase, may not meet, your dream buyer’s taste, etc! Always consider the Return on Investment, or R.O.I., and whether, it is money, which will bring back, a financial benefit, to you!

5. Needs/ necessities/ priorities: Know your needs, necessities, and priorities, and, carefully, discuss, what makes the most sense, with the agent, you hire, to serve and represent you!

When you decide to sell your home, consider the bigger – picture, and proceed, wisely. Since, for most, the value of their house, represents their single – biggest financial asset, doesn’t this make sense?